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Event Details:

Senior Paddles 6-17-2015
Intro to Kayaking Summer 7-26-2015
Lads-N-Dad's Paddle7-12-2015
Intro to Kayaking 6-7-2015SoldOut
Mommy & Me Paddle 6-13-2015
Senior Paddles 7-8-2015
Intro to Kayaking 7-19-2015
Mommy & Me Paddle 7-18-2015
Lads-N-Dad's Paddle 6-14-2015
Kayak & Canoe Safety & Rescue Summer2015
Buffalo River Paddle 7-20-15
Intro to Kayaking 6-27-2015
Buffalo River Paddle 6-15-2015 (2)
Thursday Evening Paddles 2015
BlueFullMoonWine&CheesePaddle7-31-2015 (2)
Tuesday Evening Paddles 2015

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